The season of making plum wine

Making plum wine is a race against time! 

In Japan, the months of preparing plum wine is from May to June, this when supermarkets and stores designate a corner near their entrance for only aged plums, rock sugar and bottles; 3 key items meant to help people produce their own Umeshu (Japanese plum wine). 

Once prepared/pickled, the plum infused shochu is kept a cool place out of direct sunlight for about 3 months. Around autumn, it will be delicious and ready to be enjoyed.  Plum wine is also be enjoyed during different months as there is a change in flavor and complexity, this is the biggest incentive when making "hand-made plum wine".

Incase people want to make prepare plum wine but it isn't in May to June, they are always welcomed to use frozen plums ,though is it more expensive.

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