Refund policy

Refund Policy (中文條款在英文條款之後)

No return of goods shall be accepted, if any of the following conditions apply:
after 7 days of purchase without invoice or receipt; or any of the original packaging has been damaged; or in the sole opinion of the Company, the product has been or may have been opened, substituted or in any way tampered; or the goods are glasswares and the Customer has acknowledged receipt of the goods; the price of the sake is above HK$700 per bottle.

Refund will be credited into Customer's credit card account or bank account within 4 weeks upon confirmation.



(a) 送貨日起七日之後,沒有發票或收據; 或

(b) 任何原裝包裝經已損壞; 或

(c) 本公司單方面認為該貨品已被或可能已被打開、調換或被任何方式干擾; 或

(d) 該貨品為已被顧客確認收取的玻璃物品; 或

(e) 每瓶為港幣$700以上的清酒。