Wholesale Labels and Accessories Lists

Koji Sake has reserved a number of labels from our partner breweries that are available only to restaurants and bars customers in Hong Kong.  We also carry a number of sake accessories available by special order.

For our most recent wholesale products list and terms, please contact our sales representatives by email or phone (852 8176 9419)  

Private Label Services

Promote your brand name with a private label that has a truly unique taste and label design.  A private label is not only a revenue earner but also a form of advertisement.

The design process for a private label varies.  Typically, it starts with a consultation between you and us to discuss budget, packing and flavour profile. We will then supply you with a number samples for you to choose. Please allow at least two months for this process.


Free Sake Seminar Services

To all our restaurant partners, we provide free sake seminars to their restaurant staff.  The main aim of the seminars is to provide the sale force with the information they need to promote sake.  We explain the “selling points” or story behind each of the sake from our range that is carried by the restaurants. A general overview of the classifications of sake and taste profiles is also provided as background information.  The staff will also be given the opportunity to taste the sake supplied by us.


We believe that this is an invaluable service to our partner restaurants.  Many restaurants have found an increase in sake sale volume following a sake seminar.


Japanese Guest Chefs

Our breweries’ sake labels are carried by a number of Michelin star restaurants in Japan.  As a result, special relationships have been cultivated and we are able to invite some of these chefs to visit our customer restaurants and create degustation menu with matching sake menu.


Export/ Trade

Our mission is to promote the sake drinking culture outside of Japan.  We accept orders from outside of Hong Kong, however, Koji Sake will not be responsible for customs and duties related procedures at the importing countries.

 For further details on the above services, please contact our sales representatives by email or phone (852 8176 9419).