Yanagita Distillery

A family-owned SHOCHU distillery is where we played as children, where we live and where we learn.

I, who was not an exception to this trend, was raised at the distillery in name and reality. When suddenly the opportunity came to me to start working at the distillery, I felt no discomfort. I was amazed myself how comfortable I was and how natural it was to be here.

Traditional technique such as making SHOCHU is not easy. I occasionally found myself feeling enormous pressure from the tradition. I saw an unfavorable wind challenging me with no mercy.

What I do is close my eyes and remember.

Taking over a baton of tradition is to stack up new creations. I seized the moment in the present age and continued making SHOCHU that I believed in. In the end, never forget the teachings of predecessors who taught you to experience the fun of producing new creations.

Visualizing the customers enjoying our SHOCHU, which is a harmony between the blessings of nature, spring water and the technique; we continue to pursue relentlessly the challenge of distillation. We strive with our tradition of 112 years.

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自然的恩惠提供清澈水質,釀酒人高超的調和技巧,造就了高品質的燒酌,看到顧客露出愉快滿足的模樣,因此我等將肩負起家族使命,繼續挑戰釀造技術的巔峰造極。因為112 年的歷史傳承一直在我的心中。