How to warm sake

Warming sake is like decanting matured wine, it opens up the sake and reveals subtle flavors that would otherwise hidden if it is chilled. Keep in mind not all sake are suitable for warming, and for those which are here’s our tips.


The Basics (suitable for restaurant settings) 基本(適合餐廳環境):


We recommend warming sake by using a wine bucket/ice bucket, adding hot water and placing the whole bottle of sake in the bucket for 5 to 10 minutes. Your target temperature should be around 45°C-50°C, or like a hot soup doesn’t burn the tongue.


The Alternative 進階方法: 


Pour the desired sake into a carafe then place into a hot water bath.


Common recommended serving temperature:



Common Mistakes 常見錯誤

- We do not recommend using a microwave to warm up sake. Why? According to a Toji who makes excellent warm sake using a microwave will destroy the molecular structure of the sake. It is also difficult to control the temperature of the sake. 不建議用微波爐加熱,會影響酒質及容易過熱。

- Boiling directly in a pan is also not recommended. 不建議直接把清酒直接煮熱。


Misnomer 有關清酒謬誤
-People say when you warm a sake the alcohol would evaporate, this isn’t entirely true. Alcohol evaporates at 78°C and so warming sake by our recommendations will make sure the temperature won’t evaporate the alcohol. 有些人認為把清酒加熱會把很多或酒精揮發,這是不對的,如照以上建議方法加熱,因為酒精本身的沸騰點是78°C所以需要很長時間才可把清酒內的酒精揮發,所以一般的飲用方法是不會大幅減少酒精的。

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