Sake Storage Tips

Not to worry you don't need a wood barrel to store your sake. 


Storing sake correctly is essential to maintain its quality and structure, nothing is worse than buying a bottle of your favorite sake and having it degrade because it wasn't stored properly. To refrain from any more storage mishaps here are some tips...
  • If a sake is clearly labelled as “Refrigeration”, please store in a normal food refrigerator 4-8°C within same day of delivery. Please consume this type within 6 months.
  • The best storage for keeping sake at home is your food refrigerator (4-8°C). Sake can maintain its quality for at least a year, sometimes more.
  • Sake can also be kept in a wine fridge, but due to the warmer temperatures of a wine fridge, we recommended consuming the sake within 9 months after its delivery. Wine fridges can not keep nama (unpasteurized) sake.
  • Generally, but not ideal, sake can be kept at room temperature (25°C), out of light sources for at least 6 months (after delivery) without significant reduction in quality. We do not recommend this because you will forget about the sake.


Sake that can be aged

In rare cases, some brewers create very special sake that can be aged by yourself at home, sakes like the The Toji Series (Vintage 1999 BY02) for example, is a sake that can be aged very nicely in a wine fridge. Keeping such a sake in a regular fridge is still fine but lacks the ability to mature further.

Want to learn more about the The Toji Series (Vintage 1999 BY02)? Click here




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