Ways to enjoy shochu-Part 1

Generally made from rice, sweet potato and barley, shochu produced by Japanese distilleries have aromas that range from sweet to smokey that are difficult to replicate by other liquors. Shochu, like other liquors can also be kept for a long time even after the bottle has been opened.

With shochu having very long shelf life, you can enjoy for longer and in many different ways!

Check out Yumi in the video below as she tries a few ways of enjoying shochu.


Recipes from the video: 

Yanagita Tochikurige Mugi (Barley) Shochu 25° mixed with Water:

This is the standard and simplest way of enjoying shochu in Japan. Since it is cask aged, when water is added it mellows the sharp palate allowing for more enjoyment and appreciation of the subtle flavors presented in this shochu.

  • 100ml 'Tochikurige' shochu
  • 30-50ml Water (cold 5-10°C/warm 40-45°C)

How to prepare:

In a glass pour in the shochu, add preferred temperatures water. Sip to taste, add more water or shochu (if needed), enjoy!

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Yanagita Aokage Mugi (Barley) Shochu 25° with Pineapple Juice:

This is a standard way of enjoying shochu in Japan. Known in Japan as a 'sour', the addition something fruity, in this case pineapple juice, to shochu not only satisfies fruity cocktail lovers. This mixture complements the smokey, cask aged 'Tochikurige' with the pineapple juice's sweet, refreshing character; creating some intriguing yet delicious flavors.

  • 100ml of 'Aokage' shochu
  • 10-20 ml of Pineapple Juice

How to prepare:

In a glass pour in the shochu and pineapple juice. Sip to taste, add more juice or shochu (if needed), enjoy!

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